Big Fogg Won’t Let The Heat Turn Customers Away From Businesses

Big Fogg Misting Systems has been providing cooling comfort to guests and patrons at commercial establishments with its extensive line of cooling and misting products. Whether you have a resort, outdoor restaurant, outdoor event, or entertainment venue, businesses always have to make decisions with the customer’s satisfaction in mind. The atmosphere businesses provide for their guests is essential for influencing the costumers’ experience. With the temperatures rising in recent years, more hospitality establishments are looking to solutions for providing their guests with adequate temperature control through cooling systems. Throughout the years, summers have only been getting longer and hotter, and Big Fogg has been there every step of the way leading the industry in providing commercial misting systems. Big Fogg is the leading company for commercial cooling systems because of their high quality professional installations, and for their high quality misting products.

Big Fogg uses high-pressure outdoor cooling systems that pressurize water to 1000psi with their High Pressure Misting Pump. With Big Fogg’s designing and engineering experts, they can customize their products to specifically meet the cooling needs of any commercial business.

The world is getting hotter every year and the increase of temperatures in the spring and summer months have brought about a greater need for businesses to provide customers with outdoor cooling systems. For restaurants and wineries, the spring and summer seasons are the time for outdoor music and fun entertainment because it is likely to draw new customers, and an overall increase in sales. The high-pressure restaurant and resort misting systems can lower temperatures up to 40 degrees at any outdoor application. Big Fogg has provided customized misting systems to many professional hospitality establishments, events, and restaurants, such as Harrahs Rincon Casino & Resort.

“The misting systems designed, built and installed by Big Fogg Misting Systems are very effective, our customers appreciate the outdoor cooling and water misting without getting wet. Harrah’s highly recommends Big Fogg Misting Systems for all your restaurant and resort outdoor cooling needs,” said Brendan O’Kane, Property Operations Manager of Harrah’s Rincon Casino and Resort.

Review Big Fogg’s restaurant and misting systems and don’t hesitate to call Big Fogg for additional information and a custom quote. Remember the Misting Fans and Misting Systems you purchase from Big Fogg are the same systems the NFL, NCAA, Motor Sports, MLB and PGA use.


Setting up Misting Machines that Provide Outdoor Cooling Comfort & Safety

Back in 2008, a 17-year old farm worker in California died of heat exhaustion in the 108 degree temperature in the Sacramento area. Korey Stringer a professional football player for the Minnesota Vikings collapsed and died on the practice field in 2001.

Since then many more high school and college football players have died when the heat index increased to a dangerous level… Just last year Tyler Davenport from Lamar High School in Clarksville, Arkansas passed away after two months in a coma after being overcome with heat stroke at a football practice. These types of tragedies have even resulted in legal liability as Kentucky high-school coach David Jason Stinson pleaded not guilty to charges of reckless homicide after one of his players died running sprints in excessive heat. He was acquitted. Frederick O Mueller. Professor of Exercise and Sports Science at UNC stated unequivocally “There is no excuse for any number of heat stroke deaths, since they are all preventable with proper precautions.”

Many countries around the world have enacted regulations to provide outdoor cooling for people working or playing in the excessive heat. Recently the California’s heat safety rules for outdoor cooling of workers giving them protection from heat-related illnesses and death. The list of industries subject to the new provisions includes agriculture, construction, landscaping & oil and gas extraction. In high heat environments, defined by temperatures exceeding 95 degrees, employees must have access to either shade and or misting machines for outdoor cooling.

Much different type of misting machines can meet this regulation including High-Pressure Misting Fans, the kind used by NFL teams and California college football programs at UCLA, CAL, Stanford, San Jose State, San Diego State and USC. Misting Tents also provide excellent outdoor cooling and protection from the heat since they are a combination of shade and outdoor cooling. A Misting Trailer can be moved and located at any open area since they have self-contained with generators, high-pressure pump water tanks and misting fans attached to them. For longer areas, high-pressure and mid-pressure misting lines maybe attached to provide outdoor cooling. It is possible to run lines of stainless steel line over miles. Inflatable Misting Systems are every portable and can be setup anywhere where there is electricity and water available. Call your local misting machine expert at 1-888-853-1728.

The year 2010 was the hottest year in history and if the trend continues the next decade will even be hotter. Misting machines that provide outdoor cooling are the perfect solution for solving heat related problems.